Project Description


There is nothing more beautiful, nor more miraculous than pregnancy. Our bodies amaze me! That glorious bump celebrates your pregnancy and the next chapter that is soon to begin.

The best time to have a maternity shoot is between 32 to 36 weeks. Maternity shoots can be alone, with your partner and/or with your other children (much like a family session).


Birth is the most intimate, raw and life changing experience. The unwavering beauty of childbirth, in all of its forms, is the most magical milestone – but to have it documented is beyond special.

The determination of labour or the preparation of a caesarean, the first breath of life and those incredible first cuddles can never be replicated again. 

Full disclosure… as I have a young family, guaranteeing me as your birth photographer due to me finding babysitters last minute is tricky. I have been telling people, if they are willing to take the risk in booking me, then I would be delighted to photograph their birth. “If it works, it works” and I want to be transparent when I say that it could be possible that I don’t get there, if I don’t find a babysitter in time.  I still want to offer this service as I absolutely adore photographing births and if I get a chance to document this most magical moment in both yours and bubs life, I will take it.


Capturing your new baby with her adoring family, in the first 48 hours of her life.

Fresh 48 sessions are photographed in a journalistic style, to remember those first, delicious newborn moments in hospital, such as cuddling her parents, meeting her siblings or having her first bath.


It is such a special idea to savour the moment and remember your tiny baby during the first stages of their lives.

My newborn images are natural, simplistic and void of excessive props and posing.Your final collection of images will include baby on her own, the little details, baby with parents and cuddles with siblings. I love to photograph babies in more of a lifestyle sense than a posed or staged style.

Therefore, I photograph babies a little differently than some, I choose to use minimal props, most of the props you see in my shoots are straight from your home. If we use the blanket Nanna knitted for baby, that has way more meaning than using one of mine! I have a few things I can bring along on the day though, if you get stuck.

When I see a newborn staring up in to a mother’s eyes or snuggling in to a dad’s neck, that is what I want to capture. When photographing baby on their own, I want to capture the natural way they move, rather than placing them in an unnatural pose. I want to save that very raw and beautiful connection between a parent and their newborn baby and give it to you to cherish forever.

It is a no fuss, relaxed experience, in your home or my studio where you and your family are most comfortable. Prior to attending your home, I will email you with a checklist and details of the shoot to assist you on the day. Please note newborn babies are best photographed around the 7 day mark (give or take!) and a session can take anywhere from 1-3 hours. Please contact me if you’d like to book in and I will pop babies due date in my diary – then when baby arrives we can lock in the session time.