Project Description


I love to photograph families in a way that tells the story of your tribe. Set amongst scenery of your choice, I want to document the connection and relationship that you have with your children and each other. I capture a combination of both candid shots and some ‘classic’ family photos but all in a very relaxed way, with lots of laughter.


There are moments in our lives when we finally get the whole, extended family together. Often it can be three or four generations of family and it is so special to capture.

These sessions are a little less candid, as there are so many people involved and combinations of shots to capture (in a time frame that children can manage), but still capture your extended family as a whole.

Images include combinations of the smaller family groups, cousins and siblings and couples, as well as everyone together.


Capturing those special moments in your life. Portrait sessions might include your babies milestone, motherhood sessions, your child’s graduation or daughters deb ball.