Project Description


First of all, congratulations if you have just become engaged! Or, well done on finally getting some shots taken together that aren’t selfies.

I am an absolute sucker for a good love story. Your images will reflect the connection, emotion, playfulness and regard you have for each other and I promise, I will absolutely NOT make you look lame.

I understand, having had my own engagement photos taken, that this is quite an uncomfortable idea for many blokes. We all know us girls need very little convincing to have photos taken with our lover, so I write the following to the men:

Guys, I promise not to make you look or feel awkward. I promise not to photoshop your face to the point that your mates at the footy club think you were wearing makeup. I promise that you will have fun and that you will win major brownie points from your partner. I also promise that your partner will take you to the bottle-o straight after the shoot and buy you a six pack. You deserve it.

I am truly sorry, I am currently not booking weddings. This is an indefinite decision that I have made for my young family. Perhaps one day I will return to capturing those truly beautiful love stories but for now, no weddings for me.