Personal Branding Photography is the cornerstone to any business’ presence online and in print.

When scrolling a social media platform, what is the first thing you look at? Where do your eyes take you when you open a magazine or newspaper, or do a google search? The images!

I love working with clients to create imagery for their businesses. Every single business has their own style and I ensure the content I create is cohesive with the personality, colours, vibe and style of their business. Whether a sole trader or a large business, the best part of photographing your biz, is that I get to know the people who work there and bring their personalities out to shine for everyone to see.

It was an absolute pleasure photographing Bri and getting to know her and the magic she can create for her clients. I am thrilled to share some of the shots that we created together, below.

Brianna offers eyelash extensions and lifts, tanning, nails, brow lamination, waxing and tinting. Her salon is located in Millicent, South Australia and you can see her work on instagram, facebook, and on her website. Plus, she’s an absolute, deadset legend.

Thanks for coming to my photography studio, and choosing Louise Agnew Photography, Bri!

If you would like your business photographed, please contact me here and we can chat!

Louise Agnew Photography