{ Debutante Portraits \\ Mount Gambier, South Australia }

One of my favourite types of portrait to photograph has got to be a debutante. For those of you city folk who are saying "Um, what exactly is a debutante?" let me explain... A debutante ball (colloquially know as a deb ball), is a traditional event, celebrating the introduction or "debut" of the young woman (the debutante) to society. These days, more commonly practiced in country locations like ours of

{ Commercial \\ COON cheese + Swimming Australia }

Louise Agnew recently worked alongside COON cheese, in support of the Australian Dolphins swimming team to complete some commercial & lifestyle images of their toastie truck which travelled through Mount Gambier, South Australia. Swimming Australia and iconic Australian brand COON Cheese have joined forces in the race to Rio and beyond with the pair forming a two-year partnership that will commence on Thursday 31 March until 2018. This partnership

{ Restaurant \\ Gather Food & Wine \\ Robe, South Australia }

  I recently had the pleasure of photographing the newest and most scrumptious restaurant in the quaint seaside town of Robe, South Australia. Gather Food and Wine was established by local chef Tom Tilbury and his wife Sarah. They have followed their dreams and opened this establishment in the most gorgeous 'rubblestone'esque' building, rustic and romantic inside, whilst boasting gardens only fit for Peter Rabbit to

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