LOUISE AGNEW / Photographer

I have always been the arty type… in other words, I can’t throw a ball to save myself. While I was at uni, I ditched my paintbrush for a camera and I have been photographing people ever since. I live in Mount Gambier with my husband Tom, our terrier Oscar and our mini-sausage dog Ruby. We spend a lot of our spare time in Beachport (my favourite place on Earth), where I might be seen hanging out with my family and friends with either a soy latte or a good glass of wine in my hand! I am a bubbly, happy soul and hope to make you feel super comfortable during your photography session. I have a great admiration for people… which becomes more obvious when you know I am also a Social Worker. In fact, my favourite thing to do when visiting the city (apart from visiting Gorman) is just watching people. I am passionate about capturing real emotion, whether it be the way a newborn clutches to her mother’s chest, a toddler’s giggle, a sneaky kiss between lovers, the innocence of a child or the excitement of a graduate. Candid, natural, raw emotion and connection is what I like to capture.